Nancy Daubenspeck  

My work is about inner and outer illumination.  

While there is no recipe or formula, my process is a very non-linear rebalancing of the glazed layers and marks and the opaque veil. There is a lot of scraping back and things can get very messy while I wait for the foreground to emerge from the background - for the process to take its course and the painting to emerge. This can be circular, extremely additive and then very very reductive. While I may start painting with an idea in mind this is most always just something to be disgarded or completely transformed.  I am very very grateful to be in the very real presence of canvas and paint. 

Casein is basically milk paint and used in the Middle East to paint concrete houses those beautiful bright colors. The painted surface is dry and luminous and rich in physicality.

I am inspired by byzantine iconography, fresco, poetry, calligraphy and many other artists but mostly by the all-inclusive natural world.

All said, I personally think a work of art should speak for itself. It either speaks to you or it dosen't. There's nothing to understand beyond the work itself, it should need no explanation or rhetoric to bring it to completion.

To best view these paintings on line please set your display to about 80% brightness.