Nancy Daubenspeck  

If my work is about anything specific it is about illumination. Light.

In writing about one’s work there is danger of losing sight of the work itself. Painting is not a verbal form of expression. It’s possible that ideas and intentions while part of the process are not relevant to the result. Ultimately ideas and intention are sacrificed and burned away in the alchemy of process and the result emerges mysterious, unfettered, freed  - not unlike a moment of illumination. 

I often feel that the Artists Statement is an attempt to make the viewer see or understand something about the work that they cannot experience on their own. To control their viewpoint. It is interesting that if one looks at an artists work over time something distinctive and unnameable begins to emerge. a thread; something that even though it is talked about is never truly described. 

color; marks; layers; lines; velocity; the amount of visual information and how it is resonates and what it produces and at what point the process exhausts itself and comes to rest… and all this happens with the body-mind of the artist and the medium itself; the subconscious illuminates itself. For me, when I walk into the studio it is akin to a dream state and these paintings emerge from that state. This does not mean that there are not at some point ideas and intentions but they are consumed. And when I look at my own work it does not really matter what I am painting what dominates the field for me is illumination and light.