Nancy Daubenspeck  

I work with numerous extremely thin veils of color and marks in the venetian style. The paint is hand mixed dry pigment in casein emulsion brushed on muslin stretched over wooden panel. The paintings are meditative and intimate. The painted surface is dry and luminous and rich in physicality, very much like fresco. This work is made to live in changing natural light.

While I am not a landscape painter, I live in a solitary valley by a river so nature is ever present for me and permeates my life and work.

I am also inspired by byzantine iconography, renaissance fresco, poetry, and calligraphy.

My work is about paint and light, how illumination defines and harnesses color, pattern and form. My process is a continual rebalancing of the vibrant glazed layers and marks and the opaque veil and the geometric composition and the calligraphic brushwork. It is these two juxtapositions that are the most provocative aspect of the work.


To best view these paintings on line please set your display to about 80% brightness.